House Staff Awards

The following are annual awards given to members of the Pathology house staff. Each award is presented at the Annual House Staff Graduation Dinner and each includes both a certificate and monetary prize. 

The Resident of the Year Award is given each year to a Pathology resident in recognition of overall excellence. This is considered the most prestigious of the resident awards. The sum total of the resident's work and accomplishments in the areas of clinical service, learning of pathology, teaching of pathology, research, and professionalism is considered in the selection of the recipient. The selection is made by a vote of the entire teaching faculty in the program.
Previous Recipients:

  • AY22-23 - Stevephen Hung, M.D.
  • AY21-22 - William Gesztes, M.D.
  • AY20-21 - Abdulaziz Al-Malki, M.D.
  • AY19-20 - Parastou Tizro, M.D.

The Frank Miller Memorial Award is in honor of Dr. Frank Miller, distinguished former faculty member in the Department of Pathology. The award is given to one of the Pathology residents or fellows in recognition of excellence in teaching. The recipient of this award is selected by the Chair of Pathology, with input from the Director of Undergraduate Pathology Education, Residency Program Director, and other faculty members.
Previous Recipients:

  • AY22-23 - Rafiq Shahid, M.D.
  • AY21-22 - Stevephen Hung, M.D.
  • AY20-21 - Rabia Bhalli, M.D.
  • AY19-20 - Fatima Al-Baqali, M.D.

The Herschel Sidransky Memorial Award is in memory of Dr. Herschel Sidransky, who served as Chair of the Department of Pathology for twenty-two years.  The award is given each year to a member of the Pathology house staff in recognition of excellence in research done while in training in our programs. This award is intended to recognize both the quantity and quality of research done during residency and/or fellowship training at GW, and the selection is based largely on the updated list of research activities provided by each resident and fellow near the end of each academic year. The recipient of this award is selected by a Selection Committee appointed by the Chair of Pathology and made up of faculty members in the department.
Previous Recipients:

  • AY22-23 - William Gesztes, M.D.
  • AY21-22 - Rami Abdulbaki, M.D.
  • AY20-21 - Shane Smith, M.D.
  • AY20-21 - Parastou Tizro, M.D.
  • AY19-20 - Peter A. DeRosa, M.D.