Salary & Benefits


Annual salaries for the 2023-24 academic year are as follows:

PGY-1 - $65,312.64
PGY-2 - $67,630.32
PGY-3 - $71,075.52
PGY-4 - $73,936.08
PGY-5 - $77,360.40
PGY-6 - $80,346.24

Source: George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences Graduate Medical Education 

Financial Support
Professional Development

Residents and fellows are provided with financial resources to support their professional development while in training in our programs. These resources are intended to support the purchase of books, teaching materials, and other selected items, and attendance at conferences, courses, and regional and national pathology meetings. Special consideration is given when residents or fellows attend a meeting to present original research findings or when residents attend meetings as official representatives of our training program at certain national meetings.

The following are the levels of annual financial support provided, by PGY level:

PGY-1 - $600.00

PGY-2 - $1,000.00

PGY-3 - $1,200.00

PGY-4 - $1,500.00

PGY-5-6 - $1,800.00

* The Chief Residents each receive support at the level above their PGY level

Resident Subscriptions 

  • PathPrimer
  • ExpertPath
  • WHO Classification of Tumors Series
  • Osler Institute Anatomic Pathology Subscription-Based Review
  • Osler Institute Clinical Pathology Subscription-Based Review
  • RISE Plus Resident Question Bank
  • RISE Plus Lab Management University

Benefits Program

GW offers faculty and staff a selection of benefits programs that help to help you and your family thrive at various life and career stages. Please visit the Benefits Programs webpage for more information.

Health Benefits

Vacation and Leave

All residents and fellows are provided with adequate leave to allow for personal and professional needs. 

All residents and fellows receive fifteen (15) days of paid annual (vacation) leave in the course of each academic year.
Sick Leave
All residents and fellows receive seven (7) days of paid annual (sick) leave in the course of each academic year.
All residents and fellows are granted up to five (5) days of paid administrative leave each academic year. Administrative leave is provided for the purpose of attendance at approved outside conferences, courses, and meetings, and for taking professional examinations (pathology certifying examinations and examinations required for medical licensure). 
End of Training
In order to allow residents and fellows adequate time to relocate following completion of training in our programs, terminal leave of no more than five (5) days will be granted to graduating/departing residents and fellows for this purpose.
Paid Parental Leave
GW provides six continuous weeks of paid parental leave for eligible regular full-time staff. The applies to staff members who have given birth or are the spouse/partner of the birth mother; the placement of a child with the employee for adoption; or the placement of a child with the employee for whom the employee permanently assumes and discharges parental responsibility.
Other Leave Policies
All leave policies for Pathology residents and fellows are in compliance with the policies governing leave available on the GWU Office of Graduate Medical Education web page at

Additional Benefits

The following benefits are available to all residents and fellows of the George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences (SMHS):

  • Retirement
  • Tuition benefits
  • Life and Disability
  • Wellbeing
  • Liability insurance
  • Medical licensure reimbursement
  • Free Parking
  • Two lab coats – laundered through GWU Hospital
  • Discounted health and wellness membership at Learner Gym
  • 100% tuition remission - following 1st semester
  • Employee Assistance & Work-Life Referral Services:
    • Work-life solutions for childcare, parenting and adoption, elder care, moving and relocation, college planning, pet care, home repair, and more.
    • Confidential counseling
    • Financial, legal, and identity theft resources
  • Back-up family care
  • GW’s Childcare Benefit
  • Health advocate who can help you, your spouse, domestic partner, dependent children, parents, and your spouse’s or domestic partner’s parent with the following:
    • Find doctors, specialists, hospitals and treatment centers
    • Clarify insurance plan(s) and help decide which plan is right for you
    • Untangle medical bills, uncover errors and negotiate fees
    • Research and explain treatment options
  • Smoking cessation resources
  • GW’s Maternity Support Program

For further details regarding benefits provided to residents and fellows, please refer to the Resident Manual.