GW Department of Pathology

The GW Department of Pathology hosts a growing research program encompassing primarily translational and clinical research.

Research areas are supported by faculty in the GW Medicine enterprise (the Medical Faculty Associates, Children’s National Hospital and DC VA Medical Center who are Principal Investigators or are co-investigators with researchers in other Departments. Faculty

Areas of excellence are focused on cancer research, infectious disease and vaccines, neuroscience, computational and genomic pathology.

The Department of Pathology supports the GW Cancer Biospecimen Repository.

Cancer research centers into the mechanisms of cancer development and progression, cancer biomarkers, and precision oncology. Faculty in the Department have ongoing projects in prostate cancer; digestive organ cancers and pre-cancer (esophageal, gastrointestinal, colorectal, pancreas and liver cancers); head and neck cancers, breast cancer, endometrial and ovarian cancer, hematologic malignancies, and pediatric cancers.

Principal investigators in the Department of Pathology with research laboratories:

Investigators in the Department of Pathology welcome PhD graduate students from the GW Integrated Biological Sciences Program and master’s students from programs within the School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Other students conducting research in the GW Department of Pathology include undergraduate students, and medical students who select the Department’s faculty and laboratories for research electives.